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Job Organisation Salary Job Location
Workshop Manager NCC £33,213 - £37,023 Moulton Logistic Centre (MLC) Moulton
Volunteer and Apprenticeship Coordinator NCC £33,213 - £37,023 One Angel Square - Northampton
Trainee Instructor CCC £0 - £0 Grafham Water Centre
Trainee Housing Options Officer ECDC £20,661 - £28,485 The Grange
Team Manager - Safeguarding NCC £37,938 - £41,609 One Angel Square - Northampton
Team Manager - Residential Care NCC £37,938 - £41,609 Arnold House, Moulton, Northampton
Team Manager CCC £41,900 - £46,150 Awdry House - Wisbech
Teaching Assistant CCC £18,070 - £20,138 The Croft, Ida Darwin
Teacher of the Deaf CCC £35,927 - £38,633 Amundsen House - St Ives , Babbage House - Cambridge

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